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New: Manango Computing

Earn Manangos while contributing to science! Learn more here:

Welcome is a website that hosts crypto faucets in the form of video games.

Woah, what's a faucet?

In the simplist of terms, a faucet is a free way to get crypto. The reasoning behind faucets varies. Usually they're for educational purposes or meant as a means of distribution for a coin. The intent of the faucets on this website are to be a fun way to learn about crypto.

What faucets do you offer?

The first faucet this website began offering is a Manangos faucet, a spiritual fork of a fork of the second offered faucet, a Banano faucet.

How do I get crypto?

  • Follow the link to the faucet you'd like to use
  • Enter the respective crypto address into the box at the top of the faucet page
  • Play the game, usually collecting the respective fruit to earn that coin(bananas -> banano)
  • *Optional: Repeat the process until you reach the top of the leaderboard
  • Press the claim button above the game when you're ready to claim your crypto