Banana optical illusion

Banana optical illusion reversed

About BanTown

Made by MrNoSock with some free and purchased assets. Credits below. Right now the music is fairly eclectic(It doesn't really fit together well), I will work on that!


The assets used in this game are from the following sources:

A lot of what you see is public domain or free with an attribution license :D


  • The core artwork is based on a very popular free(and CC0) tile/character set from
    Main TileMap and Characters by 0x72
  • Artwork from AnalogStudios
  • Animated Space Background by vectorpixelstar
  • Animated Potions by flippurgatory
  • Banana Icon by SciGho
  • Pointing cursor remixed from Luc Chaissac
  • Music:

  • Music "Dungeon2" by vgcomposer
  • Music "Bavarian Goat" and "Mr Snarky Destructoid Loopable" by Tim Beek
  • Music "Cavern of Worship" by CATHRANMUSIC
  • Music "Dizzy Racing" by Zane Little Music
  • Music "The Dark Amulet" by Matthew Pablo
  • Music "Space Rock" by Heathal
  • Music "The ritualist" by DavidKBD
  • Misc:

  • Most Particle Systems from "Epic Toon FX" by Archanor VFX
  • Most sound effects from "Ultimate SFX & Music" by Sidearm Studios

  • If you are the creator of any of the works in the game and would like your asset removed from the game for any reason,
    feel free to email MrNoSockMan@gmail. Please know that this game was made with love and some serious effort,
    even if it doesn't look like it to some people.
    Note: This is just a faucet, and has nothing to do with NFTs at the moment.