Banana optical illusion

Banana optical illusion reversed

Quirks of Unity WebGL

  • Unity consumes the input of the page. There's a trade-off with disabling it. What this means for you? Trying to scroll the webpage with your cursor or finger inside the Unity box(The frame that holds the game) won't work.
  • Page might need to load before you can interact with parts.
  • Website tips/tricks

  • You can enter a Handle/Banano-Address in the address box to log in. You can also type in your address at the end of the url. This also works with usernames if you add "/user/" at the beginning.
  • Platform/Browser Specific

  • Google Chrome supports the wake lock API, meaning your screen won't dim/turn off while playing the game if using Chrome on a device with a dimmable screen.
  • Firefox is probably the best supported browser for the game, besides lacking the wake-lock feature.
  • At the moment, iphone/ipad users can't play the game because Apple has poor support for webGL. Efforts for mini-games and other ways iphone/ipad users can engage is in the works!