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Game/Faucet/Website by MrNoSock(Game is obviously not an original concept)

Shyzence on sounds(Unfortunately audio needed to be somewhat mixed by MrNoSock(I need to learn audio mixing in Unity to do the sounds justice))

Manangos funded by the devs of Manangos

Made with love from assets designed by MrNoSock, Shyzence, free assets, and one or two paid assets.

Music is currently a free song from pixabay. Backgrounds are mostly, if not all, pixabay.

Demon character is from a free dungeon asset pack from It's pretty easy to find. Portals were bought for the project.

If you are the creator of one of the assets I used and would like it removed from the game because it's crypto related or for whatever reason, contact me :D If it's a paid asset, I will require a refund haha.

Even if it's optional, I'll try to credit where all the art came from. I did make several assets for the game as well.