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How To Play


ManangoCoin Icon Pick these up for more ammo. Ammo is listed on the bottom right of the screen. To shoot, click or tap on screen in the direction you'd like to shoot.

Mango pixel art These are the mangos you're trying to collect. The amount you've collected per round is listed on the top left of your screen. Each one is good for a certain amount of Manangos, depending on the faucet's and/or your current multiplier.

A cool pixel art guy Avoid these guys. They'll hop towards you and deal damage. It takes one shot to kill them at the moment.

Chomping demon Also avoid this guy. He's invincible, but hitting him with a bullet should buy you some time. He'll slowly creep towards you.

Game Platform Mango pixel art Hop on these! Be sure not to drop any lower than the very last platform you bounced on, otherwise you'll die. Keep moving upwards until you reach the portal at the end. Then you'll progress to the next level.

Blue game platform These platforms move. Be sure to time your jumps carefully if attempting to hop on one of these.

Red game Platform These platforms are not stable. You probably can get one jump out of them before they float away. Maybe two.



arrow Left/"A" and Right/"D" arrow keys to move

arrow upUp/"W" will increase your vertical velocity. Be careful, it'll also increase it moving downwards!

arrow DownDown/"S" will cause you to ground slam.

pointing handClick to shoot. Bullets will move away from the player towards the cursor.


phoneTilt left/right to move. Tilt down/up to slam/boost. If tilt doesn't work, you may be using an unsupported browser. Firefox/Chrome should work with tilt.
You can also turn on arrow controls for mobile in the settings. To boost/slam with arrow controls: Swipe up/down while holding both left and right arrows.

pointing handTap to shoot. Bullets will move away from the player towards the tapped location.

pointing hand touching screenNow featuring drag gestures! Drag horizontally to move left/right. Swipe up to velocity boost and down to ground slam. Dragging has been discontinued!