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Tips 'n' Tricks

Quirks of Unity WebGL

  • Unity consumes the input of the page. There's a trade-off with disabling it. What this means for you? Trying to scroll the webpage with your cursor or finger inside the Unity box(The frame that holds the game) won't work.
  • Page might need to load before you can interact with parts.
  • The first time you shoot the chomping demon in a session, there's a definite hiccup. This is because it's loading the particle effects. I've tried preloading it several ways, but it still wants to lag. Shooting him once in the beginning might save you later in the game.
  • Website tips/tricks

  • You can enter a Handle/Stellar-Address/IOU Account in the address box to log in. You can also type in your address at the end of the url. This also works with IOU handles and usernames(usernames need "user/" at the beginning)
    IOU Accounts:
  • Platform/Browser Specific

  • Google Chrome supports the wake lock API, meaning your screen won't dim/turn off while playing the game if using Chrome on a device with a dimmable screen.
  • Firefox is probably the best supported browser for the game, besides lacking the wake-lock feature.
  • At the moment, iphone/ipad users can't play the game because Apple has poor support for webGL. Efforts for mini-games and other ways iphone/ipad users can engage is in the works!